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We don’t generally write about every wine dinner that comes along, but when one does that is just too good to pass up, we have to share!

This Thursday night, the Fat Ox is hosting a 5-course show-stopper with ZD Wines. Chef “Ro” and Chef Matt Carter are pulling out all the stops to perfectly pair their epic food with this giant among wines.

Tickets are $135pp (not including gratuity).

Make a rezo at- 480.307.6900

Check out the menu below:

Beer for Brains: Louis Dolgoff

Brewing Up Brain Cancer Research

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In 2007, Louis Dolgoff’s wife was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor. She loved craft beer, so one of her last requests was to sip on her favorite brew—Dogfish Head Fort, a ridiculously delicious raspberry beer that packs 18% ABV. In her honor, Dolgoff created The Beer for Brains Foundation to raise money for brain cancer research through events featuring, you guessed it, craft beers.

Fast forward to last year, and Dolgoff remarried. His new wife, Lauri, also has an unfortunate history with brain cancer, losing an uncle and two aunts. “My mother had three siblings,” says Lauri. “Her youngest brother, Albert was diagnosed with a brain tumor which devastated our family. He was 62. Before he passed away (almost 2 years later), my mother’s second oldest sibling, Mimi, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This was unheard of according to doctors – two out of four siblings … My Aunt Joanie (oldest sibling to my mother) got sick in November. After testing, they found 15 brain tumors which stemmed from either the breast or lung and she passed away a month later.”

We’ve gotta help the fight. So on Saturday, April 29th, join us at The Beer for Brains Foundation’s EPICURIAD Food, Craft Beer & Wine Pairings Event at Allstate Appliances in Scottsdale. At this year’s Spring EPICURIAD, street food chefs will get out of their food trucks and into the kitchen to create dishes perfect for beer and wine pairings and hopefully win various food competitions at the event.

The evening begins at 6:30pm with a VIP ticket face-off between RockaBelly’s Executive Chef Jordan Murray (from Cooking Channel’s Eat St., Season 5) and United Lunchadores’ Chef Tim Cobb (Street Food Chef of the Year 2015). The main event opens at 7:30pm and features fare from a dozen food truck chefs, breweries, and wineries, at Allstate Appliances (15250 N. Hayden Rd., Scottsdale).

The amazing list of participating trucks includes Flyin’ Hawaiian, Saffron Jak, Electric Sliders, Que Sazon, Left Coast Burrito Co., Flying Saucer, Mingo’s Louisiana Kitchen, Emerson Fry Bread, Mustache Pretzels, Frites Street, and of course RockaBelly and United Lunchadores.

Tickets cost $95 for GA and $150 for VIP and can be procured at

So let’s raise a glass, enjoy a bite, and help the fight against brain cancer.

Cause an Effect

Cause An Effect

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Lydia Bautista, a Marketing Strategist with Chipotle, shares a very personal connection to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

While on an annual family vacation in Carlsbad, CA, her 16 year-old brother was brutally assaulted. After they got him stabilized in Cali, they went straight to PCH, where he was nursed back to health and overcame some concerning injuries.

“You never want an opportunity to come up where your family member or child has to go to the hospital, but if they do, you are grateful that a hospital like PCH is available,” says Bautista.

These stories sadly are not uncommon, but Chipotle’s spirit of giving is.

That’s why, this Monday, you’re going to get burritos!


There are typically two halves to every Chipotle burrito: the first half you enjoy eating and the second half that makes you feel ashamed you’re still plowing through, indulging your inner fat kid.

But this Monday, March 13, every Chipotle burrito has two different kinds of halves. One half of the price goes to Chipotle for making your burrito, and the other goes to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for their Hope Fund.

All AZ Chipotles are participating from 10:45am to 10pm on March 13, and they’re donating half of every burrito sold (yes even burrito bowls) to PCH. The Hope Fund that this effort supports was created specifically to help PCH purchase equipment, conduct research, provide charitable care, and launch new programs.

This fundraiser will generate some serious barbacoa. Last year, iHop’s National Pancake Day promo helped generate $60,000 in donations to PCH. And Jersey Mike’s raised over 100 grand last year with a similar effort for the kids. Chipotle, too, does this quite a bit. They’ve wrapped their warm tortillas around the American Cancer Society, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, and the 100 Club of Arizona, raising tens of thousands of dollars.

To make a donation, just show the CAUSE AN EFFECT flyer or mention the fundraiser to your cashier.

Patricia Barney coordinates these type of programs for PCH. She is a tireless angel of fun-spirited fundraising. Her efforts make sure PCH fundraising retains a light-hearted, spirited vibe. On Monday, she plans on getting a veggie bowl with brown rice, black beans, hot salsa, sour cream, cheese, and chips with guacamole. Wonder if she knows that guac is extra? Of course she does. Everyone knows that guac is extra.

1) Put “Chipotle Burrito” in your phone’s calendar for lunch or dinner on Monday, March 13.
2) Show this email or mention the fundraiser while checking out to make the donation.
3) Feel less shame for finishing the whole damn burrito because you “did it for the kids.”

Brews on the Block

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The only thing better than drinking the great beer from Oskar Blues, is being able to ride your bike from one awesome Upward Projects restaurant to another, to drink it!

On February 18, between 2pm-6pm, the 2nd annual “Brews on the Block” craft beer & live music party will flow between all four of Upwards’ Central Phoenix locations (Federal Pizza, Joyride Taco House, Postino Central and Windsor.)

Brews on the Block will feature four pours of limited-access Oskar Blues Brewery beers (Hotbox, The Deuce, Icey.P.A and Reeb Rye’d,) served inside a keepsake 16-ounce pint glass, all for only $35.

Plus, if you prefer your craft beers canned, all four restaurants will also be offering $3 cans of Oskar Blues’ Dale’s Pale Ale beer all day long.

Best of all, treat your ears as well as your tastebuds thanks to live music from several of the McDowell Mountain Music Festival’s featured local bands.

Proceeds from the 2nd annual “Blues on the Block” benefit the Oskar Blues Can’d Aid Foundation, the breweries non-profit arm. Funds raised will provide musical instruments and bikes to the Phoenix community.

Get Tix:

5223 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Federal Pizza
5210 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Joyride Taco House
5202 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Postino Central
5144 N Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Tostitos wants you to blow them!

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Everyone knows that the Super Bowl usually brings about a slurry of clever ad campaigns and commercials, all trying to leach off of the grandiosity of the single biggest day in sports-period (Potus).

That said, Tostitos, not a rookie player in this game, is launching a new bag of chips that doubles as a breathalyzer.

The limited-edition “Party Safe” bag is meant to discourage drinking and driving, and will even provide those with a trace of alcohol on their breath with a $10 Uber code on game day. The company promises it comes equipped with an alcohol sensor that, when breathed into, will turn red if alcohol is detected and green if it’s not.

“Our goal is to remove 25,000 cars from the roads that Sunday evening,” said Jennifer Saenz, Frito-Lay’s chief marketing officer. “Whether watching the big game at a friend’s house or at a local bar, a safe ride home is just a few easy taps away.”

Still the One!

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Moonshine Whiskey, made a big comeback a few years ago, re-introducing its past illegal self, back into our popular lexicon.

This time around, legal distillers starting jumping on the category and—as we culturally tend to do—had to put their updated “twist” on it. This twist for most, came in the form of a more sophisticated and mellow distillation process, (think production facilities, stainless steel vats and quadruple distillation,) as opposed to a homemade copper still in an undisclosed area of the Tennessee Smoky Mountains.

Well not far from there in Columbia, Stillhouse Whiskey is continuing in the tradition of the verboten spirit (get it—’spirit’,) but adding their twist.

Stillhouse comes in Original and five flavors, including Apple Crisp, Peach Tea, Coconut, Mint Chip and Red Hot. See, adding the flavors is the ‘twist’. They also have a very durable package design, coming in what looks like a can of paint thinner, as opposed to a fragile bottle. And although many moonshines taste like paint thinner, the comparison stops at the package as their whiskey, is great.

They call themselves “an unapologetic disruptor, breaking tradition at every turn”—disruptors are so hot right now! Made from estate-grown corn, Stillhouse is 100% clear corn American whiskey, and they ARE actually distilled in authentic copper whiskey stills and charcoal-filtered for superior quality and taste and cool factor.

As opposed to popular belief, moonshine nowadays does not necessarily pack an alcohol content that can be used for fueling a jet. In fact, The Original 80-proof has a remarkable mellow flavor and smooth finish. Stillhouse uses a proprietary sour mash recipe to create a clean, crisp, gluten-free (you know we hate gluten in our moonshine,) Original whiskey. Their all-natural flavors (Apple Crisp, Peach Tea, Coconut, Mint Chip and Red Hot ) ring in at mild 69-proof whiskeys.

Stillhouse Original–the backbone of every Stillhouse flavored-whiskey–took home the gold medal at the 2016 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition. Recognized for its excellence in Spirit Packaging Design, Stillhouse received a Double Gold Award in the 2016 San Francisco World Spirit Competition, a Rosey Award, and a Silver award The One Show in 2016.

Stillhouse is currently available for purchase at select retailers in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin with additional states to be introduced this Fall. Suggested retail price is $27.99. Find out more at

Toro! Toro!

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Last year, The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess answered the burning question— “what food goes great with a world championship golf course?”

Their answer—Toro Latin Restaurant & Rum Bar, another collaboration (they also have La Hacienda,) with acclaimed chef Richard Sandoval ‘featuring a menu of Pan Latin cuisine, which combines the distinct flavors of South and Central America with ingredients rooted in the Japanese and Chinese Peruvian cultures.’

WTF does that mean? is Pan Latin really a thing?

We were curious, to say the least, so we investigated.

Turns out, our timing was great, as they just recently updated their year-old menu.

El Hefe A.K.A. Richard Sandoval, asked his AZ team, to work on the update and then present to him on a recent visit.

Executive Chef, Forest Hamrick, of both La Hacienda and Toro, who just recently took home the guacamole crown in the “1st Annual Rock the Guac” Competition — took up the mantle and worked with his team, including Fernando Fernandez, Toro Chef De Cuisine, and Toro Sous Chef, Fidencio Alatriste, who’s resume includes (Mission, Zinc Bistro, Bootleggers and more,) to answer the call.

Lesser known Alatriste began his culinary career pushing his own Pastor Taco Cart through the streets of his hometown

Huauchinango in Puebla, before working in the Matt Carter kitchens.

As for the bountiful portions, it would take several trips and several guests to eat your way through their delicious menu, but we tried do just, go-for-the-gold and chow down.

Sampling is impossible, like a wine tasting, when it’s good, you just want to throw the whole thing back. To take just a “bite” of their Seared Salmon Sushi roll with Chipotle Aioli, is just not feasible. Chef actually sears the salmon with a torch before serving. That smokiness matched with creamy chipotle aioli is just about as good as smokey flavors can get without visiting Franklin’s BBQ in Texas.

We demolished the other two rolls, Angry Tuna (spicy tuna) and Crunchy Shrimp Roll, before digging into a couple show-stopper ceviches; Sea Bass with aji amarillo, corn and sweet potato and a Ceviche Mixto with sea bass, octopus, shrimp, langostino in a rocoto crema. To quote Action Bronson “Fuck That’s Delicious!”

Like an edible freight train barreling down the tracks to our stomachs, the next stop could have happily been our last, as it was our favorite bite—the Octopus Tostadas with avocado, cucumber, Criollo (what a fine Arabica bean is to coffee, the even finer and rarer Criollo bean is to chocolate,) and bacon….Just go and eat it. We could attempt to describe the sublime octopus cooked to perfection, not gummy, or rubbery, etc…or the flavor balance of the Criollo and bacon, but we wouldn’t do it justice.

Not discounted at all, was the Parmesan Crusted Sea Scallops. Light, flavorful and almost felt like an amuse in comparison. The mojo butter helps it to just slide on down your throat, but if you choose to bite, the parmesan crust creates a great counterpoint to the silky scallop.

Even though we were already approaching a culinary coma, we had to buckle up for the final big protein, which came in the form of a flavorful, fork-tender Braised Short Rib with an edamame wasabi puree, green pea shoots, pickled onions and a Char Siou Sauce —


最后-lo entendemos!


7575 E Princess Dr.

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

(480) 585-4848

Relax, It’s Just A Remodel

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Tommy Bahama Restaurant Bar & Store Kierland Commons has completed its extensive renovation designed to enhance the guest experience and complement its relaxed living philosophy, “Make Life One Long Weekend™.” The renovation, which began this summer, includes both interior and exterior upgrades and reveals the brand’s Modern Beach House design — a fresh, contemporary style with clean lines, lighter finishes and wide open views through walls of windows.

Visibly noticeable upon arrival is the spacious patio with an expanded bar, more outdoor seating, and the addition of a fire pit along the west side of the building. This casual and relaxed lounge area is furnished with teak and polished stainless steel pieces from the Très Chic collection from the Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living Collection. The lighter color of the façade is contrasted with new doors, shutters, railings, sconces and windows. Contemporary landscaping draws attention to the entrances and welcomes guests with clear, open views at street level along Kierland Blvd. and Main Street.

Offering an oasis for good food and drinks, the restaurant takes advantage of its second floor perch with expansive windows and a more open dining room from which to enjoy the views. View the menu and learn more here:

Tamale Time!

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It’s Tamale Season! Where to go to grab a dozen for your next holiday party? We recommend heading to Barrio Queen in Old Town Scottsdale or Downtown Gilbert, where they’re offering three great varieties. On the menu: their popular pork green chile tamales, and two new flavors, including a Chile Verde del Pollo (pulled chicken with green chile tomatillo sauce) and Tamales de Carne (slow-cooked beef brisket in a combo sauce of ancho-guajillo and chile de arbol). They’re made from a generations-old recipe with many secret ingredients that you won’t find in any other tamales around town.

Tamales are $24 per dozen until December 31.

Advance ordering isn’t required, unless you want dozens and dozens.



Fogo De Chao Goes Fishing

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We are betting folks here at EATERAZ, and we are sure that the ‘second’ most asked question after “How would you like your meat cooked,” is from meat-weary customers asking — “do you have any fish?”

Well if you are one of these guilt-ridden carnivores (shame on you,) then your prayers have been answered, as Fogo De Chao, now has a few seafood options.

On a recent visit, we were blessed with the delicious plate of  Grilled Shrimp (pictured above) with their amazing and spicy jalapeño toreados with grilled onions. Def a must even as a side with the meat entrees.

Here are a few items for those willing to forsake the Picanha Sirloin.