When we started EATERAZ in 2009, we were just a couple guys with a wicked, sarcastic sense of humor who covered the local food scene. But (and here’s the revelation), we wanted to be HONEST. We both came from the world of luxury magazines, where the mission was to write fluffy, flattering stories that would encourage advertising. We craved something “real,” regardless of income potential, so we created EATERAZ.

It was great—there was no financial pressure, no compromise… our love of food is all that mattered.

People jived with what we were doing, and the advertising came in appreciation of our writing, honesty, and wit, not because we leveraged editorial.

Meanwhile, we began producing food festivals, with which we have been very successful with, so much so, that we have been neglecting our media baby for quite some time.

We have been looking for a way to “give back” for the good fortune we have been rewarded with, so we decided that instead of just hitting the delete button on EATERAZ, we would instead shine a spotlight exclusively on one subject: the do-gooders among us.

There are a lot of people in the industry that do more than strive for culinary excellence or in some darker cases, just fame and financial success. Sometimes, they give back.

EATERAZ now shines a light on those that use their talents, success, and fame for a greater good. Some pay-it-forward, feeding the homeless or underprivileged children, others are advocates for personal or planetary health, and others just help raise great money for specific charities.

We will bring you their stories.

We hope you enjoy our new direction. Hopefully EATERAZ will once again make you smile – not because we ranted about a bad meal, but because we satisfied your appetite for good vibes.