Brewing Up Brain Cancer Research

By April 20, 2017The Dish
Beer for Brains: Louis Dolgoff

In 2007, Louis Dolgoff’s wife was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor. She loved craft beer, so one of her last requests was to sip on her favorite brew—Dogfish Head Fort, a ridiculously delicious raspberry beer that packs 18% ABV. In her honor, Dolgoff created The Beer for Brains Foundation to raise money for brain cancer research through events featuring, you guessed it, craft beers.

Fast forward to last year, and Dolgoff remarried. His new wife, Lauri, also has an unfortunate history with brain cancer, losing an uncle and two aunts. “My mother had three siblings,” says Lauri. “Her youngest brother, Albert was diagnosed with a brain tumor which devastated our family. He was 62. Before he passed away (almost 2 years later), my mother’s second oldest sibling, Mimi, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This was unheard of according to doctors – two out of four siblings … My Aunt Joanie (oldest sibling to my mother) got sick in November. After testing, they found 15 brain tumors which stemmed from either the breast or lung and she passed away a month later.”

We’ve gotta help the fight. So on Saturday, April 29th, join us at The Beer for Brains Foundation’s EPICURIAD Food, Craft Beer & Wine Pairings Event at Allstate Appliances in Scottsdale. At this year’s Spring EPICURIAD, street food chefs will get out of their food trucks and into the kitchen to create dishes perfect for beer and wine pairings and hopefully win various food competitions at the event.

The evening begins at 6:30pm with a VIP ticket face-off between RockaBelly’s Executive Chef Jordan Murray (from Cooking Channel’s Eat St., Season 5) and United Lunchadores’ Chef Tim Cobb (Street Food Chef of the Year 2015). The main event opens at 7:30pm and features fare from a dozen food truck chefs, breweries, and wineries, at Allstate Appliances (15250 N. Hayden Rd., Scottsdale).

The amazing list of participating trucks includes Flyin’ Hawaiian, Saffron Jak, Electric Sliders, Que Sazon, Left Coast Burrito Co., Flying Saucer, Mingo’s Louisiana Kitchen, Emerson Fry Bread, Mustache Pretzels, Frites Street, and of course RockaBelly and United Lunchadores.

Tickets cost $95 for GA and $150 for VIP and can be procured at

So let’s raise a glass, enjoy a bite, and help the fight against brain cancer.

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