Cause An Effect

By March 10, 2017The Dish
Cause an Effect


Lydia Bautista, a Marketing Strategist with Chipotle, shares a very personal connection to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

While on an annual family vacation in Carlsbad, CA, her 16 year-old brother was brutally assaulted. After they got him stabilized in Cali, they went straight to PCH, where he was nursed back to health and overcame some concerning injuries.

“You never want an opportunity to come up where your family member or child has to go to the hospital, but if they do, you are grateful that a hospital like PCH is available,” says Bautista.

These stories sadly are not uncommon, but Chipotle’s spirit of giving is.

That’s why, this Monday, you’re going to get burritos!


There are typically two halves to every Chipotle burrito: the first half you enjoy eating and the second half that makes you feel ashamed you’re still plowing through, indulging your inner fat kid.

But this Monday, March 13, every Chipotle burrito has two different kinds of halves. One half of the price goes to Chipotle for making your burrito, and the other goes to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for their Hope Fund.

All AZ Chipotles are participating from 10:45am to 10pm on March 13, and they’re donating half of every burrito sold (yes even burrito bowls) to PCH. The Hope Fund that this effort supports was created specifically to help PCH purchase equipment, conduct research, provide charitable care, and launch new programs.

This fundraiser will generate some serious barbacoa. Last year, iHop’s National Pancake Day promo helped generate $60,000 in donations to PCH. And Jersey Mike’s raised over 100 grand last year with a similar effort for the kids. Chipotle, too, does this quite a bit. They’ve wrapped their warm tortillas around the American Cancer Society, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, and the 100 Club of Arizona, raising tens of thousands of dollars.

To make a donation, just show the CAUSE AN EFFECT flyer or mention the fundraiser to your cashier.

Patricia Barney coordinates these type of programs for PCH. She is a tireless angel of fun-spirited fundraising. Her efforts make sure PCH fundraising retains a light-hearted, spirited vibe. On Monday, she plans on getting a veggie bowl with brown rice, black beans, hot salsa, sour cream, cheese, and chips with guacamole. Wonder if she knows that guac is extra? Of course she does. Everyone knows that guac is extra.

1) Put “Chipotle Burrito” in your phone’s calendar for lunch or dinner on Monday, March 13.
2) Show this email or mention the fundraiser while checking out to make the donation.
3) Feel less shame for finishing the whole damn burrito because you “did it for the kids.”

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