Fogo De Chao Goes Fishing

By December 6, 2016The Dish

We are betting folks here at EATERAZ, and we are sure that the ‘second’ most asked question after “How would you like your meat cooked,” is from meat-weary customers asking — “do you have any fish?”

Well if you are one of these guilt-ridden carnivores (shame on you,) then your prayers have been answered, as Fogo De Chao, now has a few seafood options.

On a recent visit, we were blessed with the delicious plate of  Grilled Shrimp (pictured above) with their amazing and spicy jalapeño toreados with grilled onions. Def a must even as a side with the meat entrees.

Here are a few items for those willing to forsake the Picanha Sirloin.

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