Make A Date With Chopped Salad

By February 5, 2016The Dish
Tomahawk Ribeye

Valentine’s Day. Amateurs opt for the fancy, overpriced dinners where chefs value engineer menus down to make an easy cash grab off holiday dinner suckers. Not Chef Bernie Kantak of Citizen Public House and The Gladly. He’s got a romantic Tomahawk ribeye for two, short ribs with smoked blue cheese, and a whole branzino in caper butter, all ready for the big February 14th rush.

The fees ain’t cheap (Valentine’s Dinner costs $60 per person), but each meal is a three-courser per person with full-size portions for each person. At CPH, you can start with acorn squash and chorizo, then do a flat iron with bone marrow risotto before a devil’s food chocolate cake, while your date can go Original Chopped Salad, chicken pot pie, and dark chocolate tart with pink peppercorn ice cream. The Gladly offers a similar situation, with about three to five options per course. Although that tomahawk’s over at CPH, the Gladly’s got a duck meatloaf with rosemary millet, foie gras mousseline, and smoked cherry demi-glace.

Damn. Either way, you’re sure to walk out feeling full, in love, and like you didn’t get gouged for a holiday meal.

The Gladly (Phoenix): 602-759-8132
Citizen Public House (Scottsdale): 480-398-4208

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