You Tipped. Bravo!

By April 24, 2015The Dish

You pull up to Postino and it’s valet only. Crap. You don’t have any cash and there’s no ATM, so you know you’re gonna have to borrow a buck from a friend or awkwardly tell the valet “I’ll get you next time.”

Or let’s say you’re at a festival that only uses tokens or tickets for beverage purchases. You order drinks but since you have no cash, there’s no way to tip your bartender.

Think about all the times you need to tip but don’t have cash. Now stop thinking about it because someone’s solved that problem with an app called BRAVO – Tipping Made Easy.

You download the app on an iPhone or Android, load a credit card number (like you did with Uber), and then look for service folks who display that they’re using Bravo. To tip them, you simply enter their code or scan their QR code. Choose your tip amount and you’re all done!

Here’s a video on how it all works. Or, just search for “Bravo Tipping Made Easy” in the app store and you’ll find it. You’ll also find them out at the Arizona BBQ Festival on May 2nd. Stop by their tent to meet the founders and hear more.

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