“Little Miss BBQ” Is A Sellout

By March 20, 2014The Dish

Honestly, the place sells out. Every. Damn. Day.

Or so it seems that way. Little Miss BBQ is a brand spankin’ new BBQ joint in the kookiest but fittingest of locations on University, just west of the 143. There’s tires shops and nudie bars all around it, office parks in one direction, ASU in the other. It’s owned by Scott & Bekke Holmes, who you might know, are the team to fear if you’re entering a BBQ cookoff that they happen to be taking part in.

Their BBQ competition days are on hold for a while now that Scott has literally quit his day job to open this little place. Since Bekke’s folks live in Austin, TX, and the couple heads down south to visit whenever they can, they’ve obviously taken notes on the most successful joints in this BBQ capitol. The rules are simple: be small, be there, be really f-ing good.

Oh, and be worthy of a wait. Little Miss BBQ almost always has a line. You order direct from Scott, who’s slicin’ brisket and ribs, chopping pork, or handing you a sample of a house-made hotlink, along with his crew, who’s weighing your plate and charging you by the pound. A couple slices of white bread and potato salad and you’re on your way to the five or six tables inside or the picnic tables outside.

The food is everything you want BBQ to be – melt-in-your-mouth fats, juicy meats, salty crusts, tinges of vinegar, just a kiss of smoke. Perfection.

But here’s the rub: most days, Little Miss BBQ sells out. Like many of the best joints in Austin, the folks servin’ the ‘que only have one smoker out back. If lines form immediately, that smoker full of meat is all you got. In Scott’s case, it’s a lot – the smoker is huge. But unlike burgers or brats, you can’t just throw another one on the grill. This stuff cooks for 12, 13, 14, or more hours. If they’re out, they’re out.

So we suggest you get there early or get in line. If you want to get a sample of everything they have, then we don’t recommend a late lunch. The brisket goes first, so if that’s your game, get there early.

Little Miss BBQ is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 4pm. Check ‘em out here: www.littlemissbbq.com


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