Mad for Madison’s

By May 31, 2013The Dish

Almost every hot sauce devotee has the same system at home: there are always new finds in rotation, and there’s always a stock of tried-and-true. The latter usually consists of AZ Gunslinger, Tabasco, Cholula or Tapatio, and Sriracha. Maybe there’s some Dave’s Insanity, too.

The new finds might be something you sampled at some grocery store, picked up at Pepper Palace in Fashion Square, or ordered online. There’s one new find, however, that we may move onto the go-to hot sauce shelf.

It’s called Madison’s Hot Sauce and it was created by local guy, Brad Child. Check it out: one day he tried an online recipe for roasted peppers and it didn’t come out properly. So he threw the peppers into a pot and added some random stuff from his cabinets and fridge. After cooking them for a few hours and blending the mixture, he landed on his first batch of Madison’s.

Turns out his recipe is not only a perfect pair for many styles of cooking, it’s gluten-free, vegan, and contains no preservatives.

Now, the stuff’s for sale at the Whole Foods on Scottsdale Road at the 101. It’s also available to try about 35 Valley restaurants, including Durant’s, Brat Haus, George & Dragon, Moonshine Whiskey Bar, Rehab Burger Therapy, Bungalow, and Rehab Burger Therapy.

You can order a bottle online and check out the full restaurant list at:

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