A Very Sweet Sunday

By November 7, 2012The Dish

If you plan on going to the cupcake party known as the Cupcake Love-In this Sunday, you must read this … that is, if you have not bought your tickets yet.

Why? Because they’re going to sell out any minute now. Anybody who remembers the first Cupcake Love-In remembers instant success for the event organizers. (They probably also remember a lot of kids on insane sugar highs.) And anybody who remembers the second one remembers even larger crowds.

But this year, the group behind the sugar fest have decided to reign it in. They’re capping attendance at 600 which still allows them to raise over $15,000 for Project H3: VETS, a charity that helps homeless veterans, while keeping things sane for everyone involved–both attendees and the people dishin’ out the good stuff.

The Cupcake Love-In has sold over 80% of its tickets already, which go for $20 a pop / $50 VIP. What’s that 20 get ya? A cupcake free-for-all (literally hundreds of types will be available), entertainment, and lots of kids activities (their tickets are only $5). So if you plan on going, hit this up: http://cupcakelovein.com and get your tix now. It takes place at the Hotel Valley Ho this Sunday at 11am.


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